Etienne's passion for arts began very young. By beginning first of all with the creative activities of the primary school to concentrate it then in fine arts during his passage in the secondary sector. Then a certificate in computer graphics during its training in Quebec.

During his professional studies at  Québec circus school and the first few years of is professional career, where he finds himself working outside of the country, Etienne leaves of quoted this passion to concentrate more on a project at the time.

Once on returning to Canada in a more permanent way, he recovers in sketches and in scrawls. Feeling something waking it in him, Etienne decides to invest a little more time on this rediscovered passion. Also wanting to push his work further, he decide to experiment with the liquid colors and the various chemical compounds. Little by little Etienne feels an increasing interest, coming from the public, for his work of art. As he likes the challenges, he is getting ready to launch head first in the creation of a solo exhibition, while still continuing has to juggle with his growing circus artist career.

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Filet Mixed Media on wood 20''x 20'' 365$

Trimaire Mixed Media 30''x30'' 765$

Crystalized Lava Mixed Media 30''x15'' 385,00$

Contraste et Opposition Mixte Média 18''X 24'' 370,00$

Fissure Mixed Media 12''x36'' 365$

Marée Haute 15''x30'' Mixed Media 385,00$

Golden Variation Mixed Media 12''x 3 375$

Illusiométrie Acrylique 18'' X 24'' 300,00$

Coulée Optique Mixed Media 12''x36'' 370,00$

Écorce Mixte Média 24'' x 12'' 205,00$

Chroma-Triples Mixed Media 36''x 12'' 370$

Tempête dans un verre d'eau Acrylique & Mixed Media 30''x15'' 385,00$

Dérive Mixed Media on wood 20''x 20'' 350$

Galaxie d'Hiver 36''x24'' Acrylique et Mixed Media 740,00$

Chemin Fesant 48'' x10'' Mixed Media 410,00$

Storm 16''x16'' Mixed Media 220,00$

Fusion Mixte Média 10" X 30" 255,00$

Triptyque02 Mixed Media 36''x 12'' 385$

Toujours sans titre Mixte Média 20" X 20" 340,00$

Montréal Acrylique & Mixte Média 28'' X 22'' 525,00$

Hublot Mixte Média 20" X 20" 340,00$

Vert Jalousie 15''x30'' Mixed Media 385,00$

Nuit boréale Acrylique 28'' X 22'' 525,00$

Étude sur la rouille Acrylique & Mixte Média 24''x12'' 245,00$

Liquid Gold Acrylique & Mixte Média 24'' X 18'' 370,00$

Division Mixte Média 20" X 20" 660,00$ SOLD

Triptyque 1 Mixte Média 12''x12'' 690,00$ SOLD

Triptyque 2 Mixte Média 12''x12'' 690,00$ SOLD

Triptyque 3 Mixte Média 12''x12'' 690,00$ SOLD

Meeting Point Mixte Média 12'' X 24'' 255,00$ SOLD

Symbiose Mixed Media on wood 12''x 24'' 250$ SOLD

Montréal .02 Acrylique et Mixte Média 24'' x 12'' 455,00$ SOLD

Océan Mixed Media on wood 12''x 12'' 125$ SOLD